Personnel Security Readiness

This module discusses the role of security with ensuring that an organisation only hires candidates who are best suited to assist the organisation with achieving its directed goals. With an emphasis on job analysis, applicant screening and the orientation of new employees, the presentation also discusses workplace violence, executive protection and threat assessment, especially with …

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Information Security Readiness

This module discusses the nature of proprietary information and how to protect it against general disclosure. By understanding the distinction between trade secrets, patents, copyright and trademarks you will have a better understanding of the legal resources in which private rights and remedies are found. Methodologies for protecting information and specific information programmes are discussed …

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Physical Security Readiness

This module discusses the various physical security protocols that should be considered when securing physical premises. As such, the presentation addresses protective barriers, alarms, protective lighting, safes, locking systems and man-power protection services. Take the following quiz to identify your readiness.

Business Principles and Practices

The module covers the basic principles, definitions and concepts about general management and the organisational structure of any security business or department. The content also addresses behavioural theories, finances, planning, communications and personnel management. Take the following quiz to identify your readiness.

Crisis Management Readiness

This module addresses the three primary goals of all crisis management strategies which are: protection of lives; protection of property; and the restoration of normal activities and operation. By understanding how to develop plans and implement them, the presentation also covers the types of emergencies and a glossary of concepts and terms often used when …

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Security Principles and Practices Readiness

This module explains how to manage the protective services for any organisation. The presentation covers details about security’s role in the organisation, security training, security surveys, lost prevention, employee assistance programmes and the interaction between law enforcement and private security. Take the following quiz to identify your readiness.

Investigations Readiness

This module addresses the fact-finding activity that involves researching, observing, collecting data and studying such information to respond to a particular enquiry or address a complaint. The presentation explains the investigative process, how to conduct background investigations, and the various methods and resources of investigative work. Take the following quiz to identify your readiness.