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What to Expect
These certification designations are highly regarded throughout the world due to the rigour of the process and the evaluation of candidates.  By assuring that standards are developed and maintained, quality assurance is in place and the final test accurately reflects the duties and responsibilities of security professionals in the areas of security management, investigations and physical security.

How to Prepare
The certification exams are extremely thorough and rigorous and one requires a serious attitude and proper preparation strategy to successfully pass the first time. Many candidates who underestimate this process can be overwhelmed and never return for a second write eliminating the incredible value of success.
Zero Foundations’ dynamic online training courses are designed to assist you in preparing for and successfully achieving the Board Certified ASIS certification programs managed by the ASIS Professional Certification Board (PCB).

Certified Protection Professional (CPP®) Review Course

This credential provides
demonstrable proof of knowledge & management skills in several key domains of security.

Professional Certified Investigator (PCI®) Review Course

This credential provides demonstrable proof of an individual’s knowledge & experience in case management, evidence collection, preparation of reports & testimony to substantiate findings.

Physical Security Professional (PSP®) Review Course

This credential provides demonstrable proof of knowledge & experience in threat assessment & risk analysis; integrated physical security systems; the appropriate identification, implementation, & ongoing evaluation of security measures.

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